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Back garden seed saving : keeping our vegetable heritage alive
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The latest strains of tomato may look perfect, but they often have thick skins and tasteless flesh. Dwarf peas may be the easiest to grow commercially, but many gardeners still grow attractive six-foot types that taste "like peas used to taste." Whatever the benefits of modern hybrids, old varieties still have much to offer, and they are becoming hard to find.
Seed saving is a surprisingly simple and hugely satisfying way to propogate your favorite varieties. In this book you will find easy-to-follow, crop by crop guidelines to help you save your own seed.
Relevant to the beginner as well as the expert, Back Garden Seed Saving tells how and why we should join in the battle to save our irreplaceable vegetable heritage, and the reward--a kitchen full of tasty vegetables.
The benefits of saving your own seed
Select plants best suited to your own growing conditions
Help preserve our shrinking vegetable heritage
Break our dependence on multinational seed companies
Save money
Share seed with friends, neighbors, and fellow gardener
- (Chelsea Green Publishing)

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